Alex Weber

Alex Weber is an award-winning host, motivational comedian, and keynote speaker.


Recent Clients:

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"Bursting with humor and positivity, Alex’s ability to energize and impact audiences makes him a speaker you'll want."


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Sample Keynotes:


Power Yourself Forward

Keynote Overview:

We all have fears. Whether it be for ourselves, our future or for the future of our group. In this keynote, Alex uses storytelling and humor to go in depth and share what he believes to be the blueprint for overcoming challenges in our lives. Combining practical lessons with hilarious stories, Alex shares the fulfilling heights, the personal pitfalls, and the pivotal moments that have helped him get to the next level. Attendees will walk away with a new passion and outlook on how to empower their best selves forward.

From Failing to Thriving

Keynote Overview:

Having succeeded as an elite level athlete in the Division 1 Ivy League, an American Ninja Warrior, and a World Record Holder, Alex knows what it means to be committed to achievement. Sacrifice, discipline, and laser focus on your end goals. As a championship winning coach, Alex also knows what it takes to rally others around a vision and go out and execute. But he also knows the other side: the failure, the self-doubt, the fear. And what that does to your confidence and mindset. Diving in deep on how he broke past thresholds and achieved at the highest levels, Alex shares with audiences the tangible lessons for progressing from failing to thriving. There's a lifetime of hard work, lessons and hands-on experience in this powerful and humorous keynote.

Leading to Inspire Performance

Keynote Overview:

As an Accoladed and Championship winning Coach, Alex knows how to inspire peak performance. His core belief for Leadership is to begin with sincere care for those we lead, and aligning our desires so we can reach our goals together. From decades of elite level athletics to becoming one of the youngest coaches ever to win US Lacrosse Coach of the Year, Alex shares real-life tactics for overcoming adversity, progressing past challenges, and achieving our goals as a team. This uplifting, energetic, and entertaining keynote is perfect for those looking to inspire peak performance for themselves, and their organization.