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Fail Proof Book Cover



Releasing October 26, 2021

"A game-changer for flipping the script on failing, setbacks, and even doubts about the future. If you want to upgrade your work and your like, read this book.""Failing has been the key to my success in Ninja Warrior and everything I've ever excelled at. I read Alex's book at the perfect time to remind me that it applies to all areas of my life-especially the scary new goals that don't come easily. And Alex can show you how to do it." "This book is perfect for Leaders, Organizations, and Individuals looking to elevate their achievements, gain a competitive edge, and build a culture of perseverance. All coming from an expert speaker, entertainer, and America Ninja Warrior.""If you want to level up your leaderships and performance to get amazing results, then get this book. Alex delivers real, actionable steps to make goals happen in record time. All with honest and hilarious stories of Alex putting his money where his mouth is! Pick up this book and crush your goals.""Alex is the real deal. The tools he provides to become Fail Proof are invaluable for anyone in any area of their life. A great addition to my library, and a reminder of the value of persistence and believing in yourself. A must read.""I've always connected with Alex's passion, positive energy, and how he changes people's lives. you need to get past failures to reach high goals, and Alex will take you to the next level!""For me, failing has been so valuable because it has taught me so much about myself. I've seen Alex's growth with Ninja Warrior since the beginning. I've seen his fails, but then I saw him become a real competitor in this sport, and he's got a system to get better-and get results.""Confidence is a non-negotiable for success. Alex gives you a system to create real confidence and grow your self-belief in what is possible for you. Highly recommend."

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Alex delivers his 6 Step System to Peak Leadership & Performance.

Alex delivers his 6 Step System to Peak Leadership & Performance.

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

What could you do? Who might you become? What might you lead?

Here’s the thing: everyone fails—but not everyone knows how to fail. So sometimes you may hit a setback and it makes you want to quit on your goals, or worse, quit on yourself.

Not on Alex Weber’s watch! That’s tragic and he’s not having it for you.
That’s why he wrote this book: to give you his transformative, 6 Step FAIL PROOF System so you never give up on yourself, your goals, or the people who need you.

This book is your key to:

- beating your fears and doubts
- harnessing your positive energy
- growing true confidence in yourself and what you’re capable of!
- setting goals that actually matter to you
- relentlessly achieving your ambitions
- becoming a resilient and impactful leader
- loving the experiences, relationships, and growth of your life!

You will do things you didn’t believe you could do, become someone you weren’t sure you could be, and lead people you never thought you could reach. You will become the Unstoppable You, that is Alex’s deepest promise.

Your better life is waiting. Let’s make you Fail Proof.

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