About Alex

Alex Weber is an International Keynote Speaker on Leadership and Peak Performance, a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, and an Award-Winning Entertainer for NBC, and more!

Alex Weber is an International Speaker, Award-Winning Entertainer, and American Ninja Warrior positively inspiring millions to achieve breakthrough success!

In addition to being an in-demand keynote speaker, an award-winning host, and competing alongside elite athletes on American Ninja Warrior, Alex has been awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year honors, holds a World Record, and competed in the World Championships of lacrosse finishing as a Top Scorer in the world.

But he also knows what it feels like to hit setbacks, self-doubt, pressures, uncertainty, and failures -- and overcome them.  It's his sincere understanding of peak performance and peak challenges, mixed with unforgettable stories and actionable strategies that makes Alex connect so well with audiences.

Alex knows what it takes to summon the best of ourselves in the moments we need it most.  For ourselves, and for the people who need us to lead the way forward.

With his contagious energy and passion, Alex shares his game-changing secrets to record-breaking success, and will be the human shot of espresso to make your audience come alive!


Alex's Pillars

Your Self Belief Matters

You can have the best strategies in the world, but if you don’t also address core fears and limiting beliefs, those “winning” strategies can fall flat for you and your team. Cultivating unwavering confidence is not only essential, but a practice that requires ongoing commitment and dedication.

Other People Matter

Your greatest success will happen not in spite of people but because of people. Championing and developing other people will allow you to achieve beyond your wildest expectations, while serving others. Focusing on other people will also help you dismantle your fears and limiting beliefs, while expanding your ability to do things you didn’t think you could do.

Your Energy Matters

Your energy is contagious. How you choose to respond to what happens to you is everything. By choosing to be a force of positive energy -- that is resourceful, optimistic, and productive -- you can be truly resilient, rising quickly from challenges, heroically overcoming obstacles, and most importantly living a courageous life that is an inspiration to everyone around you.

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