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Alex gives Leaders & Organizations his Unstoppable Strategy to
inspire engagement, gain your competitive edge, and unlock record breaking achievements.
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Hear what our clients have to say about Alex, and watch the video below
to see for yourself!
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"Alex unleashed 'The Unstoppable You' in all of us!
Thank you Alex for a truly thought-provoking and personal keynote as well as executive panel at our Xerox Leadership Association event. Alex gave us tools to be leaders in all areas of our lives and how to positively overcome the challenges that could stop us. The response from our community has been amazing! A pleasure to know Alex on and off the stage. We are feeling inspired and energized!"

Deena LaMarque Piquion

Chief Marketing Officer, XEROX
Testimonial Image
"Alex joined us at Credit One Bank to speak with a cross-section of our leaders, and he had a profound impact on everyone in attendance.
For days after, people were raving about his talk, myself included!  Alex is a gifted orator. With his boundless energy and enthusiasm, he has a unique ability to connect with his audience on an emotional level. Through his stories of triumph, pain, and growth, he leaves people inspired and primed to reach new heights of achievement and altruism. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who has the power to transform their audience with their message, look no further than Alex!"

Todd Mayhew

SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Credit One Bank
Testimonial Image
"Alex was great! He has such positive energy, and our Team really enjoyed it!"

Veronica calarco

Director of Project Management, Apple
Testimonial Image
“Alex was incredibly inspiring and touching. He really made a positive impact on our members and we are grateful! Our teams have already embraced his message to achieve results!"

Mary Fedewa

President, STORE Capital
Testimonial Image
"Two awesome takeaways from Alex's talk are to be a Float not an Anchor.
To lift people up not only in our organization, but with people in our lives too. As well as the importance of fully committing. To commit no matter what! Even if we hit resistance or momentary failures -- keep committed because as Alex showed us, if you don't fully commit you'll never know what you're fully capable of.  I've even implemented these lessons into our company's strategic planning for this year."

Dave Clark

President, Forward Bank
Testimonial Image
"Alex engaged and energized over 3000 employees delivering a truly impactful keynote and made our event a true success.
He extended himself far beyond the requirements and got to know as much as he could about our team and our vision!  Alex helped us be Unstoppable, and made our event a memorable one!"

shivani mehra

Global Communications, Mavenir
Testimonial Image
“Often times the tell-tale for me...
if a speaker resonates with attendees is if a line forms after the session for a signature, photo op, or just to say thank you in person, and this was certainly the case after Alex’s presentation! Working with Alex was effortless and he hit the mark before, during and after the event, couldn’t be more grateful!”

jean thomas

Executive Director, Wisconsin MGMA
Testimonial Image
"Alex had an unbelievable way of relating to our employees. 
He allowed them to let go of their fears, so they can accomplish their goals. I couldn't be happier we brought him in to speak live and virtually!"

rachel light

Global Head of Employee Experience, Cornerstone
Testimonial Image
“We just had Alex present to the Iowa Mortgage Association and he knocked it out of the park.
Super engaging and left us with the superb message about focus, goals, and leadership. Can't wait to hear from Alex again.”

rachel light

Global Head of Employee Experience, Cornerstone
Testimonial Image
“Alex Weber really hit the ball out of the park! His presentation was engaging, inspiring, and ultimately one of hope.
We have had nothing but excellent feedback from our member base and we will be partnering with Alex to continue to deliver his tremendous message of professional development.”

brian d. berg

Executive Director, National Management Association
Testimonial Image
"I'm a tremendous fan of Alex, his work ethic, and his big heart. Alex is an incredible spokesperson for our sport!"

kent weed

Creator, NBC American Ninja Warrior
Testimonial Image
"Alex's energy was incredible and so inspiring!  He did an amazing job, our clients are still raving about him!"

Madison tarrant

Department Director, PracticeMatch
Testimonial Image
“I wanted to let you know our PMI chapter was really on board with you tonight.
People were engaged, came away with some great things to think about, and had very positive, unsolicited feedback.  Your story is engaging, relevant and the positivity really connected with our group.  Thanks for sharing your time and lessons from your personal journey with us!”

jeff tuttle

VP of Professional Development, Project Management Institute
Testimonial Image
"Alex's energy is electrifying. The honesty and openness moved our audience.
It was such a powerful story for all the listeners of human courage and its rippling effects that touch everyone around us.”

naila qazi

Senior Advisor, Excelerate Consulting
Testimonial Image
“There is a reason we won awards working with Alex. You can’t help but feel Alex’s energy, positivity, and passion!

jack primavera

Producer, NBC American Ninja Warrior
Testimonial Image
I'll bet on Alex any day! 

David meltzer

Host of “2 Minute Drill”, Co-Founder Sports 1 Marketing
Testimonial Image
“Alex’s keynote was life-changing. We have never witnessed such a positive reaction from the audience.”

maria giacoman

Department Head, IMMUNS
Testimonial Image
“Alex’s passionate energy kept the audience engaged and inspired them to lead and drive change in today’s disruptive business environment. Thank you Alex!”

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Founder, The Change Leadership
Testimonial Image
"Alex’s ability to connect with the audience while delivering sharp, poignant and relevant commentary was beyond impressive."

Brian Werdesheim

Founder, The Banyan Foundation
Testimonial Image
"Tremendous, Memorable, and Special."

Naomi Bagdonas

Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Testimonial Image
"We learned a valuable lesson for self-growth. Alex can change someone's life."

marlon madden

Success Journey / US Marine Corp


About Alex

About Alex

Alex has positively impacted over 3.5 Million people worldwide to overcome their challenges, fears, and even failures to achieve their highest goals!

But not only has Alex talked the talk as an in-demand international speaker, he’s walked the walk as an elite competitor on NBC’s Emmy-nominated series American Ninja Warrior. Well, more like, leaped the leap!  This wildly popular TV show has sparked a global phenomenon to the extent that hundreds of thousands of people apply, and only a few hundred are given the rare opportunity to compete. Alex is the only person to host and compete on NBC American Ninja Warrior.  

Alex’s greatest passion is championing your highest Leadership & Performance potential by giving you his Unstoppable System!

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Alex speaks to audiences interested in:

  • Leadership Speakers
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Mental Strength
  • Resilience
  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Opening and Closing Speakers
  • Peak Performance

Why Alex?

Not only will Alex share the game-changing secrets to record-breaking success, but he will also be a human shot of espresso to make your audience come alive!

Alex is an award-winning entertainer who masterfully communicates with personal stories, engaging multimedia, uplifting humor, case studies, and immediately actionable strategies to ignite lasting motivation for meaningful change.

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