National Home Infusion Association,

Thank you for considering me for your
amazing Annual Conference in Washington DC!

My goal is for this Annual Conference, and each person to be UNSTOPPABLE.
I want to give your audience my System to overcome changes, challenges,
and uncertainty to achieve the goals that matter most.
For you and the people who need you!

Here's to making NHIA UNSTOPPABLE!

What RECENT Clients are saying:

"Wow! Exactly the message we needed. I love Alex's energy, and it ignited our audience for the conference. Alex's tools had an immediate impact both professionally and personally for our members. The feedback has been exceptional. We are feeling invigorated and unstoppable!"

- Pamela Arora, President & CEO, The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)

It was a pleasure to have Alex Weber as keynote presenter at the International Hearing Society’s (IHS’s) annual convention in Palm Springs this year! I deeply enjoyed getting to know Alex, and I loved watching his presentation. His message resonated with our members, based on the overwhelming positive feedback we received and the countless members who stayed to speak with Alex after his powerful presentation.  Alex has a true passion for helping others, and we thank him for helping IHS become UNSTOPPABLE!"

- Patrick S. Kochanowski, President, The International Hearing Society

"Alex unleashed 'The Unstoppable You' in all of us! Thank you, Alex, for a truly thought-provoking and personal keynote as well as executive panel at our Xerox Leadership Association event. Alex gave us tools to be leaders in all areas of our lives and how to positively overcome the challenges that could stop us. The response from our community has been amazing! A pleasure to know Alex on and off the stage. We are feeling inspired and energized!"

- Deena LaMarque Piquion, Chief Marketing Officer, XEROX

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