Master Builders of Iowa,

Thanks for considering me for your Annual Winter Conference
February 2024!

I'd love to be the inspiring, actionable, and positive impact
to give your audience my Unstoppable System
to achieve record-breaking success,
professionally and personally!

Here's to making your event incredible, life-changing, and the
high-energy experience people talk about for years!

What RECENT Clients are saying:

"Alex joined us at Credit One Bank to speak with a cross-section of our leaders, including early career professionals and their managers. He had a profound impact on everyone in attendance. For days after, people were raving about his talk, myself included! Alex is a gifted orator. With his boundless energy and enthusiasm, he has a unique ability to connect with his audience on an emotional level. Through his stories of triumph, pain, and growth, he leaves people inspired and primed to reach new heights of achievement and altruism. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who has the power to transform their audience with their message, look no further than Alex!"

- Todd Mayhew, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Credit One Bank

“I wanted to let you know our PMI people were really on board with your sharing tonight. People were engaged, came away with great things to think about, and had very positive, unsolicited feedback. Your story is engaging, relevant and the positivity really connected with our group. Thanks for sharing your time and lessons from your personal journey with us!”

- Jeff Tuttle, VP of Professional Development, Project Management Institute

"Alex unleashed 'The Unstoppable You' in all of us! Thank you Alex for a truly thought-provoking and personal keynote as well as executive panel at our Xerox Leadership Association event. Alex gave us tools to be leaders in all areas of our lives and how to positively overcome the challenges that could stop us. The response from our community has been amazing! A pleasure to know Alex on and off the stage. We are feeling inspired and energized!"

- Deena LaMarque Piquion, Chief Marketing Officer, XEROX

"It was SO great to have, Alex! Alex did a perfect job of kicking off our event and we appreciate it. We received a lot of great feedback from his session and are feeling Unstoppable!"

- Lindsay Willits, Deputy Executive Vice President, Association of General Contractors - South Dakota

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