South Texas College Dual Credit!

Wow, what an amazing time it was February in South Padre Island, and
I'd be thrilled and honored to be in McAllen with you all!!

My goal is for your community to be UNSTOPPABLE.
I want to give your audience my System to lead beyond changes, challenges,
and uncertainty to achieve the goals that matter most.
For you and the people who need you!
Because YOU are needed :)

Here's to making the STC Dual Credit community UNSTOPPABLE!

What RECENT Clients are saying:

"Alex was so impactful for our audience! I have even spoken about his journey and keynote to people who weren't at our event, including my children. Alex left our teachers, staff, and leaders energized and empowered knowing that they matter!"

- Tally Jo Stout, President, Career and Technical Association of Texas (CTAT)

“Alex’s session was outstanding! Alex brought a level of positivity, enthusiasm and optimism to our event that was simply magical.  He will be the part of the conference that attendees will remember long after it has ended. In fact, we have heard nothing but wonderful things from attendees about the positive impact he made. His message was exactly what we needed. THANK YOU!”

- Brent Freeman, Conference Coordinator, Association of College Union International

"Alex is an inspiration! He was able to motivate our conference attendees through real life examples of trials and triumphs. He made the attendees feel like they could accomplish anything!"

- Marta W. Carey, President & CEO, Center for Financial Training

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