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Thanks for considering me for your Commercial Agriculture
Lending Conference in Omaha!

I'd love to give your audience my Unstoppable system for leading
through uncertain and volatile times
so we can achieve the golas that matter most!

Here's to making your event incredible, transformative, and the
high-impact experience people talk about for years!


Most people fall into the trap of reacting to our world, and worse, the trap that they
can outrun change or deal with it later. But what if you didn’t lead like most people? What if
you and your colleagues at the Commercial Agriculture Lending Conference were conifdently equipped with a SYSTEM for conquering uncetainty and challenges?

That' exactly what Alex Weber wants to bring to your conference in Omaha!

Alex gives you his system to be leaders of strength, heart, vision, and perseverance. Based off his years as US Lacrosse Coach of the Year, and as a Competitor on NBC American Ninja Warrior where you get one shot to take on the most intense obstacle course on the planet in front of millions of people – and you don’t know the challenges until you step up to take them on!

We must not fear uncertainty and the volatility, but rather embrace it with dialed
preparation, deep confidence, and a gritty mentality of “bring it on!” Alex gives you his
immediately impactful and transformative system, all with Alex’s authenticity, positivity, and
humor that have wow-ed audiences around the world!

• A reliable methodology to tackling any challenge thrown your way
• Positive mindset of grit, resourcefulness, and perseverance
• How to unify your culture around a rallied purpose regardless of the external world
• How to handle dynamics of uncertainty and doubt within your group
• Increasing retention, and connection around your bigger mission

What RECENT Clients are saying:

"Alex brought the energy and realness that connected with our people on a professional and personal level. Our goal was for moving stories that hit home, take-away lessons we could use, and positive energy to ignite us. Alex listened to our needs, and nailed it all!"

- Joe Hayman, President & CEO, Lone Star Ag Credit
Farm Bureau Financial Services Speaker

“We had Alex speak to the Top 10% of our organization and his message really resonated with all of them. They were engaged right from the start, and related to his authenticity of overcoming uncertainty and challenges to reach our goals. It was phenomenal!”

- Carmine Yankowski, Vice President, Farm Bureau Financial Services

"Alex joined us at Credit One Bank to speak with a cross-section of our leaders. He had a profound impact on everyone in attendance. For days after, people were raving about his talk, myself included! Alex is a gifted orator. With his boundless energy and enthusiasm, he has a unique ability to connect with his audience on an emotional level. Through his stories of growing through uncertainty, he leaves people inspired and primed to reach new heights of achievement and altruism. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who has the power to transform their audience with their message, look no further than Alex!"

- Todd Mayhew, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Credit One Bank

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