Ensemble Health Partners,

Thanks for considering me for your amazing
Healthcare Leadership Exchange
in Sea Island!

I'd love to be the inspiring, actionable, and positive impact
for your audience to achieve record-breaking success!

Here's to making your event incredible, life-changing, and the
high-energy experience people talk about for years!

What RECENT Clients are saying:

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"WOW! Your presentation at The Project SUCCESS Conference was amazing. You captured their attention and kept them engaged, and our audience really enjoyed your stories and message. Thank you so much for taking the time to address our people and provide such a positive message. The event would not have been a SUCCESS without you. You were truly an inspiration!"

- Melody Mendez, Executive Director, Center for Human Development

“We were fortunate to have Alex Weber Keynote at the WMGMA 2022 Spring Conference in Green Bay! Often times the tell-tale for me as to if a speaker resonates with attendees is if a line forms after the session for a signature, photo op, or just to say thank you in person, and this was the case after Alex’s presentation. Working with Alex was effortless and he hit the mark before, during and after the event. We couldn’t be more grateful!”

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"Alex's energy was incredible and so inspiring! He did an amazing job, our clients are still raving about him!"

- Madison Tarrant, Senior Director, PracticeMatch

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