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What RECENT Clients are saying:

Testimonial from Shivani Mehra, Global Communications at Mavenir

"Alex was able to captivate the attention of over 3000 employees, delivering a truly impactful motivational session. Alex is a natural at keeping audiences engaged and energized and made our event a true success. He extended himself far beyond the requirements of our speaking engagement, and got to know as much as he could about our team and our vision! Thank you, Alex, for being truly unstoppable, for sharing your story with us and making our event a memorable one!"
- Shivani Mehra, Global Communications at Mavenir

“Alex's presentation was spot on.  We laughed, and a few even teared up as they left, but most of all, they believed in themselves.  Alex hit that mark!  The Iowa Concrete Paving industry is behind him, and cheering him on for his next attempt at the American Ninja Warrior challenge! “
- Greg Mulder, Executive Director, ICPA

"We can’t thank Alex enough for presenting at our EPIC Event this year. Our President, Dave Clark, is even putting Alex's Anchors & Floats idea into our strategic planning this year. He is determined to rid our organization of the Anchors. We received lots of positive feedback from many staff members. The evaluation form gave Alex a 4.7 stars out of 5!"
- Sandy Klatt, Event Planner, Forward Bank

"Two awesome takeaways from Alex's talk are to be a Float not an Anchor. To lift people up not only in our organization, but with people in our lives too. As well as the importance of fully committing. To commit no matter what! Even if we hit resistance or momentary failures -- keep committed because as Alex showed us, if you don't fully commit you'll never know what you're fully capable of.  I've even implemented these lessons into our company's strategic planning for this year."
- Dave Clark, President, Forward Bank

Alex's CURATED Keynote for DHI:

In an unpredictable and ever-changing market, how do you perform at your best for yourself and everyone you impact?  We need a consistent, and reliable method to achieve the goals that really matter to you. That's exactly what Alex Weber, Award-Winning Speaker, Author, TV Host and American Ninja Warrior gives you in his Unstoppable System to Peak Leadership & Performance.

No matter what the world, industry, or competitors may throw your way, this System will be the backbone of peak achievements for yourself and everyone you touch, so you can advance your career and grow your business with the perfect experience of positive energy, entertainment, and empowerment!

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