Alex Weber is an Award-Winning Performer, Elite-Level Athlete, Motivational Comedian, and Keynote Speaker.


Alex Weber is an Award-Winning Performer, American Ninja Warrior, and one of the youngest Coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year honors. Alex is also a World Record Holder, 5x TEDx Speaker, and World Championship Athlete.

As a professional entertainer and elite level athlete, Alex is highly sought after for his unique impact on Companies, Organizations, and Pro Sports. Transforming and empowering audiences live and through media around the world, Alex has positively impacted over 3.5 Million people, and worked with major companies like NBC, Under Armour, LinkedIn, University of Pennsylvania, Los Angeles Lakers, AirBnB, Stanford Business and more.

Alex utilizes his riveting storytelling, captivating energy and bursting humor to empower peak leadership and propel audiences past fears, failures, and challenges to achieve their goals!